Executive Committee

Cameron Cook


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Cameron Cook is the founder and President of Fresh Student Media.


Cameron is
responsible for planning the future projections of the company and providing leadership to all internal sectors.


Being the face of the company, he has a fundamental role in representing Fresh Student Media to other groups and external groups. 

Fresh Student Media has allowed Cameron to create a new outlet for students and staff at educational institutions to display their talents, not only to the community but to the world.

His ambition and hard work lead to Fresh playing an active role in the Southern Community
Media Association (SCMA), which is a representative body of Community Media in Australia.

Jon Doe

Vice President

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Damini Kamerkar


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Damini Kamerkar oversees the financial management of Fresh Student Media.


She is responsible for monitoring finances and accounts, and merchant facilities that are associated with the company. Financial reports and budgeting also come under her care as a Treasurer.


Damini is currently studying a Master’s of Accounting and Law student at Deakin University.


Prior to Fresh Student Media, she worked as an Analyst at Nomura Services India Private Limited.

Through this field of work, she strengthened her eye for attention to detail and her ability to be able to identify problems and data efficiently.

Paul Marioli

Executive Administrative Assistant

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Paul Marioli is the Administrative Assistant for the Executive Committee.

Paul assists with the administrative management of Fresh Student Media and works closely with the Executive Committee to ensure the organisation runs smoothly.

Paul spent two years studying a bachelor of psychology (Honours) at Victoria University before dropping out in order to pursue a career in the Music Industry.

Being a part of Fresh for over three years, Paul looks to continue assisting with the growth of Fresh. 

General Committee

Operations Director  

  Gargi Gupta

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Gargi Gupta is the Operations Director which is a crucial role within Fresh Student Media.

Gargi makes sure that the working environment at Fresh is as efficient as it can be. She is also a point of contact for her fellow department heads and promotes synergy and productivity across the organisation. 

 TV and Videos Director

Andrew Petropoulos

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Andrew Petropoulos is primarily in charge of the organization’s TV department.


He is responsible for the TV equipment and most importantly he runs training sessions for members interested in creating content for TV. Andrew also takes into account the type of content that goes on the website for TV while ensuring all production and broadcasting
execution is smooth.


Professionally, a cinematographer and he also identifies himself as a colorist committed to
shooting short films, music videos and documentaries. He started out as a sports videographer
and developed his videography skills by shooting his brothers skating. Andrew took up film
school as a challenge to advance his existing skills, specializing in cinematography and
lighting allowed him to grow as a creative.

Online Services Director

Grace Shuen Lett

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Grace oversees the planning and implementation of digital marketing campaigns for Fresh
Student Media. She is responsible for all social media accounts and online activities of Fresh
Student Media, providing digital content to the community and members of the organization.
Art and photography have been a driving force for Grace since she was a child. This interest sprung from watching music videos and attending art gallery events. Grace picked up skills in
graphic design and from the traditional art of great artists in Myanmar which blended her
creativity to create portrait and contemporary art in Yangon. Further, she worked in a family-
run publishing company as a content creator and wrote for the educational journal "Pyinnya
On the side, she was building her career in the field by working as a freelancing content
writer for various organizations and also translated various educational journals.

Radio Director

Cameron Cook (Interim)

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Cameron also manages and handles the radio department for Fresh. He is responsible for
managing radio shows, scheduling and ensuring music and content is updated on radio
playout and backup systems. Cameron takes charge of overseeing the radio content
created by members and supports them by offering training sessions.

Before launching Fresh, Cameron was the Radio Programming and Promotions Manager at
2SSR: Swinburne Student Media. At 2SSR: Swinburne Student Media, he created and ran Breakfast as well as various other shows that would air on radio stations across Australia, one of them being ‘Cameron Cook and Friends’ which aired on four different Australian radio stations.

Sales and Marketing Director

Jack Smith

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Jack is responsible for the promotion of  Fresh Student Media in the community by
planning and implementing marketing strategies to meet sales targets. He also responds to
clients who seek production services by discussing their expectations and providing services
to meet client requirements. Jack ensures that the marketing and sales team meets targets,
KPIs and other requirements set out by the executive committee

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