REVIEW: Central Intelligence

Are Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson the perfect duo?

Central Intelligence is buddy-cop action flick kind of like Kevin’s previous movie Ride Along except replace Ice Cube with the Rock and police with CIA and you have this movie. That’s right Kevin is playing the same character once again, being loud and incapable of doing anything while his partner handles everything.

Let’s just say one thing right now, Dwayne Johnson should just stick to action movies as this movie proved he can’t really be the funny guy. It felt like Dwayne was trying too hard to be funny and it was just a real put off. His character seems to be way too attached to Kevin’s and it felt really forced. To be honest I think the message of bullying was great, but even that felt forced. We all dislike bullies and a lot of us have been affected, but why did they make the character so inept? I get people will have psychological scars and everything, but the way they did it was awful. Every time Dwayne would act that way I would cringe as it felt really forced. Some actors can play multiple different characters and genres, but these two can’t really do that and it is why they stick to what they do and that’s what they do great.

This movie is lightly amusing, but Dwayne’s acting will make you cringe.

1.5 out of 5

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