Understanding the Jalas

Where do I begin with these boys? I first met Max when I was in Year 10 doing Year 11 Business Management and from first sight I could tell there was something about him that was different from all the other students in the class. I saw something in Max that no one else could. During one of our classes, Max had upset one of our classmates during a lesson with the other student retaliated by throwing a chair at him. You might be thinking, why is this all relevant? From where he was that day to where is now. I have seen a different side of him, that was to do the right thing, for himself, his family and his friends. His 2 younger brothers were on the same path as Max with being trouble at school. We all know they are doing it as a joke but there is so much outrage within the public with the media attention and awareness that the boys have created from people viewing their content online. It is very easy to twist a story to make people look like that they are the bad guys.

In some interviews, their answers sometimes did not match up to the questions that they were asked. I found it quite odd in the response that they were giving the media. One day, Max messaged me out of the blue on Facebook. I haven’t spoken to Max since finishing high school and I was not ever close to him, so why did he messaging me out of the blue? He explained what he needed to, so I could understand his stance on the situation. We had a few messages that went back and forth and he gave me the idea to do this, which might follow up with a Podcast with the boys depending on how things go. I do not condone their actions but from working 5 days a week working in their Dad’s restaurant, I do not see a bright future as they are simply just trying to live there dream at the end of the day. Why hate? Why don't you do something about your life instead of sitting down and hating things on social media.

In the boys recent video they upload, which will be linked belowt. Without spoiling the plot of the video, the boys head out to their local Kmart store and put together special packs to give to the homeless. The real question is, why do the media not follow that up the story they created when something good comes out of a bad situation. In this case I didn't think the media would, so I decided to take it into my own hands to show them some support.

So go out and live your dreams because at the end of the day they are doing what they love! I can say so much for their future actions but I hope that they have learnt from this situation and better their life to go on and do bigger and better things.


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