Fresh Student Media

Fresh Student Media has rules, regulations and laws that we have to protect the viability, integrity and accountability of the organisation.  This effects everyone associate with Fresh Student Media including 

  • Members

  • Volunteers

  • Staff Members 

  • Business Associates 

  • Public 


We are governed by our organisation's Model Rules that are registered under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.


Organisation   Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a stand-alone Student Media Organisation and that anyone can create and learn skills while they are with us in a fun, collaborative environment.


Organisation    Vision

Fresh Student Media brings fun, collaborative and access to Student Media while helping students gain practical skills and knowledge in different aspects of media and fields.



We want to encourage an open & active participation from all our staff, members , volunteers and partners. Fresh will positively engage with the local community with what Fresh has to offer to make it a better place to live, work and play. 


 Fresh Student Media will support people’s creativity as we encourage people to think outside the box and to dream big. Fresh will not put anyone down on their idea. We will give you the tools and support to make your idea or project into a reality. 


We wants to inspire the next generation of media makers to create and produce high quality media. We want to encourage an environment where no idea is dumb or impossible to do. We want people to use platforms.


Fresh Student Media wants to engage with the community and our audience in a variety of ways so we can be Australia’s biggest student media organisation. We also want to connect with industries to support their growth in pioneering the future leaders of their industry. 


Everyone at Fresh Student Media has the right to access training, support and the tools they need to achieve their goals. Also, we are in a century where demand is responsive and easy to get too. Fresh Student Media also needs to be affordable to anyone that requires the use of any of our services. 


Model    Rules

Our model rules are the organisation's governing rules on how Fresh Student Media has to be ran and the role of the Executive Committee. 

Annual Report

We release an Annual Report every financial year reporting everything of Fresh Student Media including on how we spend our finances. These are usually released around September-October.

Strategic Plan

Fresh Student Media has made a decade plan to make the organisation the best it can be in 2029 and what we need to achieve to get to our goal. 

Meeting Minutes

The agenda and minutes of all of our public meeting are there for people to view and see . We also archive these for people to refer back to. 

ABN: 87 925 018 849

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We acknowledge that the land on which we meet and are on is a place of age old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal and that the Kulin people’s living culture has a unique role in the life of this region.


Phone: 03 9013 3713



P.O. Box 984

Williamstown VIC 3016


Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm


Student Media House

Level 1, 40-44 Ferguson Street

Williamstown VIC 3016

Entry via MacLean Street